Psychotherapy Practicum

We welcome applicants from Masters or Doctoral programs from an accredited program in counseling or psychology.

Interns: counselors on the path to a post graduate degree in a credentialed school.
Residents: counselors who have graduated, and are obtaining supervision toward licensing.

Our year-long psychotherapy training has a communal approach in which supervisors and students form a treatment team, optimizing available resources to support healing and personal growth on the part of our trainees and their clients. Trainees see clients, maintain clinical files, collect fees, market their services, and offer psycho-educational programs.

To ensure personal as well as professional growth over the course of the year, the training program includes an ongoing weekly learning community that includes both individual and group supervision. Supervisors and peers support each other in finding an approach to counseling that maximizes their unique personal style and gifts.

Applications (hard copies only) will be accepted beginning February 1. Please send a cover letter, CV, transcript, and three letters of reference to Mary Worden, PsyD at Claret Center, 5536 S. Everett Avenue, Chicago, Il 60637.

If there are questions about the training program, please forward emails to