From the Lily Pad

For years I have written a blog taking a quote or quotes and then reflecting to enlighten readers concerning the light of a Divine Presence among us. For me as a Christian that is the light of the Risen Christ, for others it may be different but mysteriously the same. From the reflection usually comes a prayer and a practical way to act. Here is my Lily Pad for this season of Advent and Hanukkah, seasons of hope. Enjoy!

“Hope is what sits by a window and waits for one more dawn, despite the fact that there is not one ounce of proof in tonight’s black, black sky that it can possibly come.”
Joan Chittister

“True hope is rooted in a Reality beyond ego and illusion. Hope that rises in our hearts is like a buoyant bubble of champagne; for some it brings tears of relief, while others may sense a new way to the future that will bring healing…for all the Creation”
Nan Merrill

“Narrow is the boundary of “now” and “not yet”. Deep and dark it stretches like an ancient passageway no map has ever marked. Hope is the chorus sounding” Come” Hope is the embrace, waiting to welcome. Hope is the companion In–Between.
Sr. Mary Frances Fleischaker

In our time, darkness or at least cloudiness, seems to be pervasive. It is easy to give into the dark and do things we know are not in our best interest. Yet we have a choice. We can take the risk of a “sweet surrender” (from a John Denver song) and wait in hope for the revealing of light that will come as it always has. Maybe it will not come the way our ego wants it, but it will come with a new sense of life.

Whatever is overshadowing you now, take the risk of emptying your heart of doubt, fear and restlessness. Wait patiently for the dawn to come. May the stories of our religious traditions in these holidays, or perhaps the memories of hope fulfilled in your own life, keep your heart open.

Lord of Light, dawn upon us. Amen
Blessed holy days to all,
H. Frank Showers