Change of Season

By Beth Saner

September has come as it always does after August and per usual I am NOT ready!

  • I am not ready to let go the summer schedule which allowed for a little nap some of those hot afternoons.
  • I am not ready for all the extras that I see on my September-October-November calendar.
  • I am not ready for shorter days, for coming and going in the dark, for the inevitable cold.

The list of “not readys” spins out taking on its own life and leaving me… well… NOT READY!

Imagine my surprise when I saw an article in the monthly newsletter my community sends out. The article titled: Spirituality of Change: 10 Reasons to Embrace the Season of Life You’re In was taken from an article by Lara Casey. It touched the tender, anxious, “not ready” spot in me and invited me to share it here in hopes that it may touch some of our Claret readers. Here is what I read:

“Maybe you’re in a season of transition, grief, conflict, illness, unanswered prayers, new challenges, of just trying to get by. Maybe you can’t imagine how this particular transition could be a blessing in disguise. Whatever season you’re in, there’s one way to do your season well: embrace it. Embracing your season doesn’t mean you have to love it; it simply means letting it be. The word “amen” offered at the end of a prayers means “let it be”. In whatever season you’re in, and when the new one comes, practice saying, Amen. Let it be.

Here are ten reasons to embrace the season you’re in:

1. Your season may turn into a time of growth if you are willing to dig in right where you are.
2. Your season could give your faith deeper roots.
3. Your season might be preparing you for what’s next.
4. Your season might surprise you!
5. Your season may give you a front row seat to God’s grace in what feels imperfect.
6. Your season may have something to not only teach you, but also teach someone else.
7. Your season may bring life-giving memories later on.
8. Your season may fly by when you begin to see it as a gift.
9. Your season may teach you an essential life skill; how to embrace change.
10. Your season may help you come alive!

Your season will not last forever, but might have something really good for you that you don’t want to miss by fighting the season you’re in, fighting the changes, or fighting what feels imperfect.”

Lara Casey,

If it would be helpful to have a companion to walk with you during your season, Claret has both therapists and spiritual directors willing to make the journey with you. Call 773-643-6259 to make a connection.