Vulnerability and Self-transcendence. How your old self becomes new.

Every experience of loss is an opportunity to move beyond your old self.
Every time you struggle against what you don’t want to have happened, you are on the cusp of change. The challenge is to open your heart, to soften into the inner truth that lies within your resistance. It’s in the discovery of how you are clinging to your old self that the change begins. That’s where acceptance is the first step into a new way of being true to you.


This is the way to return to loving life again and again;
each time a little more fully, and a little more deeply.

We will gather to create a safe space to deepen our openness to transformational experiences. Music, guided meditation, self-reflection, and self-expression with word, sound, and movement will fill the space that we open together.

WHEN: Saturday, Nov.21st, 8:30 to 4:00.
WHERE: CLARET CENTER, 5536 S. Everett, Chicago IL 60637.
FACILITATOR: Allan Schnarr, M.Div., PhD. (
REGISTRATION: Jessica (773-643-6259) COST: $125. (Limited scholarships)