Uma Shanmugham

Uma Shanmugham, Psy.D is a psychotherapist who melds existentialism, spirituality, human rights and social justice in her clinical work. Her main clinical and academic interests are trauma, multiculturalism/diversity, global mental health, and the supervision/training of students.

Clients come to therapy for a myriad of reasons, such as grief and loss, worries about life transitions, relationship & family struggles, spiritual crises, and low self-esteem. Whatever your pull to come to therapy, I acknowledge the courage it takes to walk in through that door to my office. Working across the lifespan, I engage clients in their own change-making process and the re-defining of who they are that feels the most authentic to them.

Additionally, I am curious about how our dominant cultural messages, including privilege and marginalization, trickle down to each individual and influences each of our self-concepts and relationships with others. Ultimately, I hope that you and I can partner with your courage and strengths and figure out how we can answer the questions you may have about your experiences and struggles.

I primarily use a combination of person-centered and feminist therapies. I incorporate mindfulness to help get clients unstuck and entertain differing and more positive ways of moving through their experiences. I welcome individuals, couples, and families of all races, ethnicities, immigrant statuses, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ability statuses.