Ternan Monteiro

Ternan provides counseling services at Old St Mary’s Parish and St James Parish. He is presently completing his final year of the master’s program in pastoral counseling at Loyola University Chicago.

Ternan brings a gentle, warm and accepting presence to every therapeutic relationship. His use of the skills of listening, encouragement and empathy enables him to not only be present to each person, but to also accept each one in their own uniqueness. He believes that the key elements of healing lie within you and he is eager to help you tap into your inner resources and strengths to help you experience a life of happiness and fulfilment. He sees every person as a gift and every therapeutic relationship as an opportunity to connect the totality of the person to the healing process.

Ternan is a Jesuit priest and has served in the congregation for 25 years. His deep interest in counseling in his early years of formation led him to completing his diploma in counseling psychology. His many years of counseling people of different ages and backgrounds has helped him see the many strengths that people have and can use to further their healing process. A field that he passionate about is grief and bereavement counseling and group work, and his own experiences with loss makes him eager to help others free themselves from their own struggles with grief.

Ternan has served as a pastor, lecturer at the seminary, and retreat director. He has also been involved with marriage preparation courses, and his varied experience is what he wants to use to journey with you towards wholeness and healing.