Liv Turner

Liv Turner, BA, is currently pursuing her Master’s in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Through her career and volunteer experiences, she’s had the opportunity to work with children, adults, and couples across a variety of settings with various clinical needs. Her goal is to provide services to diverse populations across socioeconomic backgrounds. Many of her experiences prepared her to better integrate cultural contexts into practice, and she hopes to be able to address your own unique experiences in therapy. She also aims to provide a safe space for you to feel understood and empowered in your story! Her skills in counseling address scenarios such as Human sexuality, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC advocacy, and Trauma. Liv provides therapy to couples and families as well as those seeking individual therapy.

Liv uses a person centered, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy approach. Together you can work with Liv to build a therapeutic relationship based on empathy and positive regard in a judgment-free space. We will use evidenced based strategies that will guide you through life’s challenges and help you cultivate a positive relationship with yourself and people in your life! After sessions, Liv hopes you feel equipped to tackle the challenges in your life by tapping into your own potential. She looks forward to working with you at The Claret Center and St. Thomas the Apostle Parish.