Kenji Aoki

Kenji Aoki, L.Ac, Dipl ChH, DiplAcupuncture (NCCAOM), is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbologist. He studied at the University of Chicago and has been trained in the New Meridian Therapy technique developed by Tetsuji Kondo. He studied Zen teachings under the late Professor Masao Abe.

‘Kenji Aoki became aware of acupuncture’s benefits early in life. During his childhood in Tokyo, he and his mother had benefitted from acupuncture treatment. At age 17, Kenji was successfully treated for a knee injury. “I had just started Zen meditation training at Enkaku Temple in Kamakura and at Tokai Temple in Tokyo under Zen Master Taigen Giho. I needed to do a lot of sitting, ” Kenji recalls, “So it was critical for me to fix my knee. After three months of acupuncture and moxibustion, it was fine. ”

Impressed, Kenji undertook formal training from his acupuncturist, who cautioned him not to take the practice lightly. “In acupuncture, you have to deal with the essence of life and death, ” she warned. “If you are serious, you can study it. Otherwise, don’t go there. ” He decided to continue his academic plans.

In Chicago, however, Kenji’s interest in acupuncture resurfaced after his academic training. He found a local teacher who emphasized the core value of Oriental Medicine was compassion and Kenji began learning how to treat others. As his acupuncture practice grew and became diplomated in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Kenji focused his acupuncture practice in Hyde Park and at the Center for Holistic Medicine in Deerfield.

He also continued his education here in the United States and in Japan, where he studied New Meridien Therapy with its founder, Tetsuji Kondo. This technique, along with his meditative approach to treating his patients, allows Kenji to support safe, effective healing on a systemic level (should you use the word “basis” instead of “level”?) by using four needles, in general focusing upon how Meridians are balanced.

In addition to practicing acupuncture and herbology at the Claret Center, Kenji also offers a two-hour class in Zen Meditation each Saturday. Originally, he organized Zen Meditation Student Club at the U of C named as “MuShoDoJo”(No Holliness) under the guidance of late Prof. Masao Abe, Zen Philosopher visiting the U of C from Kyoto. Now Kenji offers this instruction as his Zen Master taught him: Just sitting! “I was lucky to learn meditation when I was young, ” he explains. “It’s a lifelong experience, a lifelong practice. ” Kenji invites us along to learn from him and with him, paying forward as he goes.