Jenni Dressler

Jenni Dressler currently is completing her final year in the master’s program in pastoral counseling at Loyola University Chicago. She provides counseling services at Saint Mary of the Lake Parish in Buena Park and via telehealth.

Jenni works with you to create a compassionate, warm, and safe relationship in which the blocks to healing and peace can be examined and addressed. She offers kind and intelligent care to support you in your personal, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Jenni believes in your fundamental ability to transcend limitations and find the path that’s right for you so you can return to a joyful state. A depth-oriented psychotherapist, Jenni can offer you skills that increase psychological flexibility. These skills allow you to cope with difficult feelings and thoughts as they arise, thus freeing you to engage in behaviors based on your values. Once these emotional/thought blocks are transcended, you can reclaim your peace of mind and life purpose.

A retired lawyer, Jenni became a therapist after a long career working as a corporate and securities attorney for multinational companies. As an attorney she most enjoyed one-on-one counseling with her clients, helping them to make the best decision for their business needs within a range of complex choices. Today Jenni offers her legal skills as a volunteer mediator by conducting pro bono mediations in the Cook County courts and in private mediations through the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago, where she also serves as a member of the board of directors. In addition, she has been a hospice volunteer for nearly 20 years. Through hospice, Jenni provides a safe and loving space where the needs, words, emotions, and experience of the dying and their caregivers are accepted and supported.

Jenni graduated with degrees in English (BA) and law (JD) from the University of Wisconsin (Madison). She also completed a post-doctoral degree (LL.M.) at DePaul University (Chicago), where she specialized in taxation law.