Georgina Lopez

Georgina Lopez, BA, is pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Practice at Roosevelt University. She serves as a Parish Counselor, Intern at St. Francis Xavier Church. She has gained clinical, volunteer, and work experiences that have prepared her to work with a diverse population. Gina has volunteered in different parishes, as well as worked with adolescents, adults, and youth groups. As a result of a previous internship, she has developed some experience working with individuals who exhibit symptoms of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

Gina’s approach to counseling is to meet the person where they are at and use the approach tailored to their issues. She believes that people can cope and grow from life’s circumstances and lead more fulfilling lives as a result. She is looking forward to working with clients on their therapeutic journey and assisting them in reaching their goals. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. Gina can be reached at 323-487-2359 or