Harlan Frank Showers

Harlan “Frank” Showers, M. Div is a retired Lutheran Pastor (ELCA). He has been certified in the work of Spiritual Direction by the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation (Bethesda Md.) specializing in group spiritual direction and contemplative group leadership. More about Frank

He is also certified by the Haden Institute (Asheville, NC) with an emphasis in individual direction, the study of mystical traditions and Jungian Dream analysis. He is a practicing organist and choir director with a B.A. in Church Music from Susquehanna University (Selinsgrove, Pa.)

Frank is very interested in the connection of mind, body and spirit. He has translated the Lord’s Prayer from Jesus’ original language, Aramaic, and put body movements to that translation. Twice daily he practices this form of prayer with a friend. He sees prayer as opening one’s whole being to the cosmic energy of God’s love. This energizing love heals, transforms, and connects one to others and the creation., This prayer practice inspires actions to make God’s reign of justice and peace real.

Frank started contemplative prayer groups in Williamsport, Pennsylvania where he ministered for 18 years. He also has started groups in the Chicago area. He is part of a dream group where dreams are shared. Using the insights of C.G. Jung, the group helps its members determine the meaning of their dreams.

Frank enjoys the culture of the city, going to concerts and plays as well as taking in Chicago’s many sites of natural beauty. He loves to cook and enjoys the companionship of his dog, Pablo, who is a Jack Russel Terrier and part Chihuahua.