Dylan T. Lott

Dylan T. Lott, LMT, PhD is an Anthropologist and Licensed Massage Therapist with over 25 years’ experience. In addition to his work at the Claret Center, he is the Massage Therapist at The University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital, an MDiv candidate at The University of Chicago Divinity School, and a psychoanalytic psychotherapy intern with Depth Counseling and Openings, a clinic for psychosis and extreme states.

At the Claret Center, Dylan provides Massage Therapy and specializes in working with children and adults with sickle cell disease, cancer, body/ gender dysphoria, and trauma. Dylan also offers a 12-Session Structural Integration/Bodywork program (see below) that can be undertaken as a stand-alone embodiment practice, or as an intensive adjunct to ongoing psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or spiritual direction.

» Neuromuscular/Trigger Point/Deep Tissue Therapy
» Swedish/Relaxation Massage Therapy
» Myofascial Release
» Visceral-Somatic Massage Therapy
For all Services, please take your time when completing the requisite paperwork and health history as some techniques may be contraindicated with certain medications or conditions.

60 minutes (90min if *initial* session): $135
90 minutes (120min if *initial* session): $175

Structural Integration/Bodywork
A type of full-body massage therapy using focused touch in a systematic way to facilitate the release of pain and trauma. During this work, the patient is called to be attentive and speak about what they are experiencing in their body. It is a method that incorporates breath work, guided imagery, body awareness, meditation, active and passive movement, dream work and visualization to increase awareness of bodily states and processes and to connect with the unconscious through the body.

$200 per session for the 12-Session commitment
(*initial intake and assessment* session may last anywhere between 120min and 150min)
* $175 per session for current students at The University of Chicago, Hyde Park area Clergy or Seminarians, University of Chicago Hospital Staff. This rate also applies to those seeking to engage the 12-sessions as an adjunct to psychotherapy or spiritual companioning/direction and are working with therapists/companions at the Claret Center.