Carol Dwyer

Carol is a member of the National Association of Catholic Chaplains and is a certified Addictions Counselor for the state of Illinois. She earned her MA in Pastoral Ministry from Fairfield University in Connecticut. Carol is fluent in Spanish and looks forward to the possibility of being able to use it in her ministry of Spiritual Direction here at Claret.

Carol, originally from Boston, is a member of an international Community, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, and has lived outside the USA working among the poor and Hispanic most of her Religious life. She served for 23 years in Puerto Rico, both as an educator and Pastoral Minister and for 9 years in Guatemala as a therapist and/or Spiritual companion for both Religious and lay, as well as a workshop and retreat facilitator. She has had experience in Formation Ministry, having walked with the temporary professed in Puerto Rico for 10 years. She comes to us now having participated in the Claret Center’s Spiritual Direction internship while having served in the role of North American postulant director here in Hyde Park. She participated, as well, in the Institute of Religious Formation at Catholic Theological Union.

Carol studied, lived, and ministered on Chicago’s north side, as well. She worked as a Chaplain Counselor in Lutheran General Hospital’s Addiction Treatment unit where she had become acquainted with addictions treatment during her chaplaincy residency there. She returned there as an intern addictions counselor and upon completion was invited to be on staff there. She also worked at the Maine Township Center for Addiction where she was able to work, as well, with the Hispanic population.

Carol enjoys singing and dancing and making music with others, whether singing in harmony in music ministries or choirs, or playing a bit of guitar. She loves a good movie, a good play and enjoys one on one depth conversations, as well as fun gatherings with friends.