Angela Paviglianiti

Angela Paviglianiti, MDiv, LCSW, is committed to journeying with clients through whatever confronts them to a place of greater freedom. Within the therapeutic relationship, she partners with clients to identify the strengths and resources found within self, relationships, and community, so that they may cultivate lives of abundance. Angela has partnered with members of the international community in processing and transforming trauma related to domestic violence, sexual abuse, and migration. She has also accompanied international students in alleviating stressors experienced while adjusting to new cultures. Angela has been consistently enriched by her work with emerging adults, addressing concerns including wellbeing, sexuality and sexual expression, gender, racial, and cultural biases, and long-term lifestyle, career, and vocational choices. Angela has worked closely with pastoral ministers and care providers and is familiar with the concerns and commitments of religious community members, seminarians, and those in religious formation. Angela is the also the director of the Claret Center’s Psychotherapy Training Program.

Angela’s practice also has a solid foundation in child development and family support services, including collaboration with families caring for children with diagnoses of PTSD, autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, and behavior related concerns. She also supports mothers of infants and young children who are experiencing postpartum depression or responding to the challenges associated with a new or growing family. Angela integrates a psychodynamic approach with cognitive behavioral interventions, promoting clients’ agency in shifting internal narratives. Additionally, she acknowledges the role of faith and spirituality as a both a protective and restorative factor and dependent upon a client’s interest and comfort, supports the incorporation of mindfulness meditation, prayer, and/or other spiritual practices into one’s plan of care. Angela completed a Master’s of Social Work at the University of Michigan, a Master’s of Divinity at the Catholic Theological Union, and a Master’s of Women’s Studies at York University.