Allan Schnarr

Allan Schnarr, MDiv, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with training in spirituality. He was the director of Claret Center’s psychotherapy practicum for thirty-three years. Allan was also Associate Faculty at Loyola’s Institute of Pastoral Studies for thirty years. Allan’s life purpose is focused on embodied spirituality. His devotion to the sacredness of the body comes out of his own journey. He spent fifteen years in a personal healing process through body-oriented psychotherapy and has been a student of Yoga and Tai Chi for over thirty years. Allan is soon to publish a book, Make Life Better, Feelings Showed Me the Way, which articulates his journey. For more information visit Allan’s website:

“I am dedicated to my own well being; therein I form relationships with people; I learn with them what could improve our lives; and then I offer this wisdom to those who are searching for it. … Feel with your body. Understand with your mind. Choose with your soul.”