Psychotherapy at Claret

Individuals, Couples, Groups, and Families

At Claret Center, mental health and personal growth go hand in hand. That’s why we offer psychotherapy, workshops, and professional development that support wholeness in mind, body, and spirit.

Our psychotherapists are highly skilled and compassionate individuals trained in a variety of approaches, including the following:

They are respectful of personal needs and goals and are comfortable addressing a variety of issues, including the following:

• Abuse
• Addiction
• Anxiety
Counseling for Artists
• Change Management
• Conflict Management
• Depression
• Grief and Loss
• Marriage and family issues
• Negative thoughts
• Poor self-image
• Relationship difficulties
• Self-defeating behavior
• Stress management
• Transformational Growth
• Trauma
• Unemployment stresses

Diagnostic and Assessment Services

Our diagnostic and assessment services include interviews, questions, and tests designed to identify an individual’s strengths and areas of challenge. They are tailored to the particular interests and needs of children, adolescents, or adults, and can be oriented toward requirements for ministerial candidates.

Who might benefit from assessments

1. Individuals considering entering or adapting to ministerial callings

2. Couples who wish to evaluate prospective surrogates

3. Students from pre-school through graduate school who are experiencing learning challenges

4. People struggling with memory, attention, or concentration concerns

5. Individuals experiencing troubling emotions, such as anger, sadness, or anxiety

6. Job-seekers hoping to gain better insight to talents, interests, and career direction

7. Anyone who wishes to better understand life interests, resources, and areas in need of growth


Psychotherapy Practicum

Interns: counselors on the path to a post graduate degree in a credentialed school.

Residents: counselors who have graduated, and are obtaining supervision toward licensing.

Our year-long psychotherapy training has a communal approach in which supervisors and students form a treatment team, optimizing available resources to support healing and personal growth on the part of our trainees and their clients. Trainees see clients, maintain clinical files, collect fees, market their services,  and offer psycho-educational programs.

To ensure personal as well as professional growth over the course of the year, the training program includes an ongoing weekly learning community that includes both individual and group supervision. Supervisors and peers support each other in finding an approach to counseling that maximizes their unique personal style and gifts. Applications for the training program are accepted in late February. Please send a cover letter, resume, and three letters of reference, to Dr. Allan Schnarr.



Our fees for services are set in accordance with our not-for-profit structure. In some cases, we offer a sliding scale for individuals with a demonstrated financial need. Payment is expected at time of service unless you arrange in advance to bill insurance or set up a billing plan.



Please contact our office to help you determine how your insurance coverage may apply. We are in network for Medicare and some Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, and bill out-of-network for others. You are responsible for all fees not covered by Insurance or Medicare including co-payments.


First Visit

Please arrive early and check in at the front office to complete the intake documents and be shown to your appointment.


Psychotherapists at Claret Center

John Neafsey, PsyD, earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Rutgers University. John has strong interests in psychoanalysis, depth psychology, spirituality, social justice, and human rights. More about John

Teresa Pasquale Mateus, LCSW,  received her masters in Clinical Social Work at New York University, is a registered yoga teacher, and she graduated the Living School at the Center for Action and Contemplation in 2015. She teaches meditation and contemplative prayer and integrates mind, body and spirit practices, as well as creative and expressive arts, into her clinical work. More about Teresa

Allan Schnarr, MDiv, PhD, is a practicing psychotherapist and retreat facilitator and has been the director of Claret Center’s psychotherapy practicum since 1985. More about Allan

Yehuda Smolarcik, PsyD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist has worked with children, adolescents and adults in various capacities and settings for over 10 years. He was awarded both his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University (Chicago). More about Yehuda


Psychotherapy Residents

Bill Harrison, MA, LPC received his graduate training at Northeastern Illinois University and began working with Claret’s Parish Counseling Program in 2014. Bill’s work as a psychotherapist is grounded in his 40 years of experience as a performing artist and teacher. He believes that the practice of therapy is a creative, collaborative endeavor that makes use of science, theory, intuition, improvisation, insight and spirituality. More about Bill

Olga Kilstein, AMFT, is a Marriage and Family therapist and a Positive Discipline workshop facilitator. She is a graduate of the Adler School of Professional Psychology. More about Olga

Nancy Kennedy, RN, BSN  is a graduate of the Master of Arts Pastoral Counseling program at Loyola University Chicago, Institute of Pastoral Studies. She is continuing on at Claret Center as a counseling resident and serves as parish counselor at St. Francis Xavier Parish in LaGrange, Illinois. More about Nancy

Sarah Thompson, M.B.A., M.A. LPC. Sarah is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she obtained her Masters in Counseling Psychology. She enjoys working with individuals as well as counseling couples. More about Sarah

Psychotherapy Interns

Desiree Misanko, MA. When we experience life stressors, emotional upheaval, discontent in their life path, or trauma, it is normal for us to feel confused, distressed or that our lives are unraveling. My passion as a counselor is in helping with healing through a collaborative working alliance. A process that offers support towards finding, and strengthening a healthy perception of self, and increasing feelings of peacefulness, wholeness, and safety in one’s life, while accomplishing the therapeutic goals.More about Desiree