Shane L. Tytenicz

Shane L. Tytenicz, MAPC is a graduate of the Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling program at Loyola University Chicago, Institute of Pastoral Studies. He works at Claret Center as a Counseling Resident and serves as Parish Counselor at Assumption Catholic Church in Chicago, Illinois.

By fully integrating a person’s spirituality into therapy, Shane provides pastoral counseling to people in a highly relational way. He does not view himself as an expert who “fixes” you; he’s a caring person who helps you by:

  •  Creating an atmosphere of warmth, safety, and trust
  • Listening deeply to your story and current circumstances
  • Understanding and accepting you, right where you are
  • Offering you a safe place to talk about important things you’ve largely kept to yourself
  • Openly exploring your past and your current state in life
  • Supporting you as you make changes and develop a stronger sense of self

Through his relational approach, he works with you so that you will be better able to:

  • Realize God’s work in your current circumstances
  • Find your own process leading to the changes that are right for you
  • Learn where your “growing edge” is in life
  • Come to a new level of self-understanding and self-acceptance
  • Discover, trust, and live out of your God-given “True Self”

If you would like to work with Shane, please contact him at 224.307.4697 or