Alma Valenzuela

Alma Valenzuela, BS, is Claret Center’s accounting manager. She holds a BS in Accounting from Loyola Chicago. Alma is bilingual, with proficiency in both English and Spanish.

Alma Valenzuela, accounting manager, is uniquely qualified to be Claret Center’s financial and administrative bulwark. She’s adept at accounting, billing, budgeting, and meeting with the board while also taking on the “little bit of everything” else the center requires to keep it running. 

At Claret, Alma has achieved a trifecta of success in learning, teaching, and serving. She continues to develop increasingly effective structural and financial systems for Claret Center. She has helped to translate workshop materials for use in the Hispanic community. She is investigating spiritual direction and other offerings by the center, too. Alma expresses joy at being part of an inclusive community, one that tends to say yes, as she does, to both the challenges and the rewards that the world has to offer.